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A long-term, safe and effective solution to tooth loss

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Dental implants look and feel completely natural, transforming your smile for the better and improving the structure of your face.

Implants explained

An implant is a small titanium screw that is placed into the jawbone to act as an artificial root for a crown, bridge or denture. Titanium is exceptionally strong and well accepted by the body, and our techniques allow bone to grow into the surface of the implant to create a strong, natural bond that can last a lifetime.

One of the benefits of implants is that adjacent teeth remain untouched and are not used for support as they are in traditional crown and bridge work. Implants can be used to replace either one or several teeth, and they are an ideal solution to speech or eating problems caused by tooth loss, and to the irritation associated with ill-fitting dentures.

Most people are suitable candidates for implants but, because every patient is different, implant treatment methods vary depending on the nature of the problem. Generally, treatment is carried out in two stages over a three to six month period, and requires between five and seven visits. The first stage is to place the implant fixture into the jawbone. The second stage is to expose the implant through the gum. Impressions are then taken for the final implant crown, bridge or denture, with the final fitting usually taking place two to three weeks later.

We have a bespoke service with Andy Taylor at Pacor Dental Ceramics in Dronfield who makes all of our crown, bridge and implant work. This relationship has been built up over the past 30 years. As part of our cosmetic service to ensure the highest quality, appointments can be arranged for patients to visit Andy Taylor who will take a shade for the new crowns or bridges ensuring the best cosmetic outcome.
Our dental implant team:
Mike Ainsworth (Birmingham 2002) GDC No: 80631

Holly Needham Registered DCP GDC No: 208905

Emma Nelson Registered DCP GDC No: 162800

Implant consultation

If you are interested in finding out more about implants, you can arrange to attend an implant consultation. During this initial visit, our implant team will conduct a comprehensive assessment so we can understand your needs and put together your personal treatment plan. The visit may involve taking x-rays and preliminary moulds of your teeth. A written estimate and detailed treatment plan will be sent to you so you may consider the options available before commencing treatment.