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Keep your teeth healthy and strong for years to come

The techniques and technology we use to perform root canal therapy are extremely sophisticated and offer a preferable alternative to extraction.

The Tooth Saver

Every year, root canal therapy is used to save more than 14 million teeth in the UK alone. It is the best treatment option in cases where the interior dental pulp, i.e. the nerve and blood vessels of a tooth, is damaged because it treats the underlying problem while safeguarding the tooth itself.

In experienced professional hands, root canal therapy can be a gentle and effective procedure. Over just one to two appointments, our dentist will examine the affected tooth, take digital x-rays and apply anaesthetic to numb the area before making a small opening in the top of the tooth, through which the root canal is cleansed and filled. Finally, the tooth is sealed and a crown is fitted, if necessary.

Specialist knowledge and technology

Root canal therapy is an extremely effective way to alleviate ongoing pain. At Stephen Godfrey Dental Care, our dentists have specialist knowledge of endodontics, as well as the experience and technology to achieve outstanding results. Our endodontists focus exclusively on endodontic procedures and, across the team, we have extensive experience of resolving difficult endodontic cases, as well as saving teeth that might otherwise have been extracted.