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Patient FAQs

Below we have covered some of the most frequently asked questions about specialist dentistry. If you have any other comments or questions about your treatment options, please feel free to contact us.

Why does my dentist want to refer me for root canal therapy?

Root canal treatment can be a demanding and complex procedure, which is why some dentists feel that their patients would benefit from receiving endodontic treatment from an experienced endodontist.

At Stephen Godfrey Dental Care, we have specialist knowledge and experience of root canal therapy. This means that as well as giving you an accurate diagnosis, we can decide on and carry out the treatment that is most likely to save your tooth.

In experienced hands, root canal therapy can be a gentle and effective procedure that successfully alleviates ongoing pain.

What are the alternatives to root canal therapy?

Before suggesting root canal therapy, we will look closely at your individual case and explain the most appropriate treatment options. Usually the only alternative to root canal therapy is tooth extraction. The missing tooth can then be replaced with a bridge or an implant. Of course, there are clinical, financial and emotional factors to consider for any treatment, which is why you will be consulted at all times to ensure we arrive at the best solution for you.

Why does my dentist want to refer me to have a tooth extracted?

Although tooth extractions can be performed by General Dental Practitioners, some cases can be particularly complex. Your dentist will only have suggested referring you after careful assessment of your tooth. They may feel that your case needs the attention of a specialist oral surgeon to ensure the best outcome.

Stephen Godfrey Dental Care has an experienced oral surgery team and uses industry-leading techniques and equipment. By deciding to refer you, your dentist probably feels that you will benefit from our specialist knowledge and attention in order to safeguard your current and future oral health.

Can I have implants instead of a bridge or dentures?

An increasing number of patients are choosing dental implants because of their natural appearance and the extent to which they can restore the strength and function of your teeth. Many denture wearers are choosing to wear dentures that are fixed in the mouth using dental implants, so the restorative options available to patients are growing and evolving all the time. To find out whether you are a suitable candidate for implants, please visit our implants page or book a consultation.

Are specialist dentistry treatments painful?

The techniques and equipment used for root canal therapy, oral surgery and fitting prostheses such as bridges, crowns or implants, are exceptionally sophisticated, and aim to minimise any inconvenience and discomfort that you might experience during your treatment.

All of our oral surgery, root canal and prosthodontic treatments are carried out under local anaesthetic by experienced and skilled dental professionals. Following your treatment, the tooth or treated area may be a little tender for a few days but this can normally be controlled with the same medication you might use for a headache. Your dentist will advise you about the need for medication during your appointment.

Can I be sedated during my treatment?

We understand that patients who feel nervous or anxious about their treatment may wish to discuss sedation and are happy to explain your options.

Will I see my previous dentist again?

Yes. Once the treatment for which you have been referred is complete, you will return to your existing dentist who will continue to be responsible for your general oral health care.

As a referral patient, will I need any follow-up appointments with Stephen Godfrey Dental Care?

Depending on what treatment you have, we may ask you to attend a post-treatment follow-up appointment so that we can look at how the tooth or surrounding area is healing. In more complex cases, you may need to attend an annual check up with us. This is separate to your ongoing examinations or hygiene appointments at your usual practice.

Do I need a referral from a general dentist?

Although we accept a large number of referrals from general dentists across the region, we are always delighted to welcome new patients to the practice who come to us directly. If you have any questions at all about Stephen Godfrey Dental Care or you would like to arrange an initial consultation, please feel free to email us and we will contact you as soon as possible.