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We would like to introduce our ‘state of the art’ Cone Beam CT Scanner

Posted by on Mar 5, 2015 in Dental Care | No Comments

In 2013 we installed a ‘state of the art’ Morita low volume Cone beam CT scanner. This enables us to view teeth and surrounding tissues in 3-dimensions. Benefits include:

  • Visualization of all root canal anatomy.
  • Review failing root treatments for missed canal anatomy.
  • Diagnosis of pathologies including root canal abscesses, resorptions, perforations through root walls etc.
  • Improved diagnosis of the source of facial pain.
  • Review healing of treated lesions.
  • Review the bony anatomy and planning for placement of dental implants.
  • Planning for root surgery.

The equipment allows for more accurate diagnoses, treatment planning and assessment of possible outcomes. It takes the predictability of treatment to a new level.

We are very conscious nowadays of medical radiation dosages and one of the advantages of this particular machine is the very low dose of x-ray involved in imaging. The ‘low volume’ refers to the small prescribed area of tissues being irradiated.

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